"Miami Lines" Womens Cycling Skinsuit Performance Fit MAD Shredders™

"Miami Lines" Womens Cycling Skinsuit Performance Fit MAD Shredders™


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"Miami Lines" - WOMENS PERFORMANCE SKINSUIT  ~ Original Artwork by

MAD Shredders™ founder Megan Duncanson©

womens cycling skin suit


1. HX5979: Front panel + Collar + Pants side panel.
2. Grid Lycra: back panel, side panel, back pockets
3. Shell mesh: underarm pit, sleeve bottoms
4. Striped Lycra: Sleeves
5. 8020 Lycra: Crotch panel + back middle panel
6. Italy soft power band: sleeve opening (4.5CM)
7. Italy soft power band: leg opening (7.5CM).


- HX5979: High technology Lycra, soft and anti-uv.
- Grid Lycra: Unique jacquard structure, soft and wicking.
- Shell mesh: Breathable and great for ventilation underarm pit.
- 8020 Lycra: high stretch fabric to decrease muscle fatigue. Nylon yarns inserted to make it durable and soft.
- Striped Lycra
- Italy soft elastic power band on jersey cuff and bottom opening, anti-skidding.
- Slim fit for training and racing.
- Chamois padding, breathable and comfortable for long distance riding.

- Invisible Pull Zipper